Does Acupuncture hurt?

No. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and do not cause pain. They are completely different than the familiar needles of your Western Doctor.  While resting during your treatment, you may feel some sensation- such as heaviness, aching, tingling or warmth, but it should not be painful.  Most people find the treatments deeply relaxing, some even fall asleep.

Do you accept insurance?

Melissa is an out-of-network provider. She is happy to check with your insurance provider to see if your plan includes coverage for acupuncture.  If you have coverage, she may be able to submit directly to your provider for reimbursement.  Acupuncture is also recognized by Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts and Melissa will provide you with the receipts required for submittal.

What can I expect from my first treatment?

The initial visit includes a detailed health history conversation and a full treatment. During the intake conversation, we will discuss the primary reason for your visit as well as additional details about your health and lifestyle. Melissa will gather more information by looking at your tongue, taking your pulse as well as palpating certain channels on your arms and legs. She will synthesize all of this information and determine a treatment plan tailored specifically to you. In addition to the acupuncture,  Melissa may recommend herbal prescriptions, nutritional supplements and/or lifestyle suggestions to complete the treatment.